Hi, I'm Johan Harteveld. I'm a User Experience Designer from Groningen.

I work on different websites and projects with different clients, these are some examples. Interested in hiring me? Contact me and tell me about your project.

FF Midnight

  • Interface
  • CSS
  • Theme
  • Open Source

FF Midnight is a dark theme I developed for the Firefox browser. This is an open-source project hosted on GitHub. Try it out yourself!

Stichting OHN

  • Logo
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Development

For Stichting Orthopedische Hulpmiddelenzorg Nederland I designed and developed a logo and a website.

Robot Avatars

  • Design


OIM Orthopedie

  • Project management
  • Usability
  • Content

I worked with OIM Orthopedie, an orthopedic instrument manufacturer, on their transition to a new website.


  • HTML
  • Sass
  • Templates

For the webshop Frank.nl I built a HTML template for their product page and a scalable Sass setup for a new website.

App Icons

  • Design

Some examples of custom app icons I designed for various projects.

Puffin Travel

  • Logo
  • Branding

Logo for Puffin Travel Iceland, a travel agency for special holiday packages.

Puffin Travel Whisky

  • Logo
  • Branding

Logo for Puffin Travel Whisky, a travel agency for special holiday packages.

Gemeente Midden-Drenthe

  • Design
  • Web styleguide

For the municipality Midden-Drenthe I designed a website and webstyleguide.


  • SVG
  • Design
  • Development

For Conversify I designed and built a marketing website with a responsive layout and an svg icon system.

Conversify dashboard

  • UI Design
  • Development

For Conversify I designed and built the interface where users can configure the Conversify conversion tools they use in their webshops and analyze the results.

Conversify Search

  • UI Design
  • Development

Conversify Search is a search engine that webshops use on their website to increase conversion. I built a template that is easy to customize in the Conversify dashboard and has different display options built-in.


  • Logo

Logo for a New Zealand dairy farm.

A bookings interface

  • SVG
  • UI
  • Development

Together with Wout Mager I built a responsive and interactive interface for a booking management web application.


  • UI/UX Design
  • Development

Kamer.nl is a marketplace where students can offer and find studentrooms. I built the front-end for this site a long time ago and some years later I made a new, responsive design by only changing the CSS files.

Cookbook design

  • Print Design

A design for a cookbook.

Aran Spruijt

  • Design
  • Development

I designed and built this one-page fundraising website for Aran Spruijt, a young aspiring athlete.

Ton Bouchier

  • Design
  • Development

For the Dutch artist Ton Bouchier I designed and built a website showcasing his work.


  • Logo
  • Animation

For the search engine Wieowie I made this logo with an svg animation.


  • Design
  • Development

My personal photography portfolio.

Effective Designs

Every website deserves an effective design that fits your brand and meets your customers needs. See my recent projects.

Handcrafted Websites

An effective design deserves a good website. Good as in lighting fast and easy to use on all devices. See my recent websites.

CSS Solutions

I work with companies building scalable and maintainable CSS systems. Read more

Logos & Branding

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I like to take pictures. Mostly landscapes and architecture. Check them out at photos.johanharteveld.nl


Get in touch via email info@johanharteveld.nl or call 06 46406930

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